Working and Living in Germany

If international managers come to Germany, they can easily fall in various pitfalls during their daily work, especially if the cultural differences are large between their home country and Germany. This starts already with basic table manners: In China it is usually acceptable to slurp the tea and to spit or place food leftovers on the table next to your plate.

However the direct German communication and decision making process is unacceptable, as well as the constructive exchange of opinions in meetings. Chinese could regard this as confrontation.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, right from the beginning, we are offering a two day training session "Welcome to Germany". This will provide the guest and his family form overseas the intercultural know-how for a smooth start and the long term success in German organizations and cultural settings.

(This training course could be offered for the business executive and spouses.)

It is not only a "look and see trip" to get acquainted with the living area, but rather the support to arrange flats, houses, schools, "Kindergarten", official agencies, shopping and recreation possibilities, etc.

The training also prepares the participants for the cultural reactions, like the "culture shock".