Living and working in Brazil

If you transfer employees to Brazil they will not only be confronted with the general organization (flat moving, insurances), but also the cultural and mental challenges for the professional as well as private life (with and without their family).The structural work process, perception of time and handling of conflicts are very different in Germany compared to overseas.

Insufficient prepared colleagues will be faced quickly with problems seemingly irresolvable. Often the expatriate will terminate their overseas contract after approximately half a year.

Goal oriented training and cultural awareness will minimize any possible cultural crisis and conflicts. Based on concrete real life examples your employees will learn to categorize and master situations. They will develop individual solutions and strategies for potential stress factors.

The reasons for pre-maturely terminated contracts overseas are frequently family reasons. The colleagues are usually integrated quickly and they get social contacts through their employment, whereas their family requires a much longer integration period. The family members enjoy taking part in our training sessions, in order to understand and minimize the frustrations factors.

The period of the "culture shock" with its overwhelming impressions, which every expatriate has to live through, is a source of personal growth. Research shows that the intensive and conscious completion of this crisis leads to basic perceptional and behavioural changes. Related persons perceive this successful exchange of perspectives as a positive and extremely enriching experience.

Concrete examples will show you how to categorize and analyze certain situations. Leading from that, we will develop individual behavioural strategies for meeting the expected stress factors.

This training will be offered for Germans going to Brazil.

The sessions will be organized for experts and management executives focused on business and for German families "Living in Brazil".