"Real life experience is invaluable and cannot be replaced."

With this statement, Ines Hofmann summarizes her philosophy and experience as an intercultural consultant and trainer. The holder of a dual-BA in economics and psychology has spent three years in Hong Kong and six years in Brazil, as an expatriate family, mother of two children and professional trainer and consultant. During this time she learnt to become intercultural aware of the challenges facing German expatriates being sent overseas and international experts coming to Germany.

In China she proved herself as a competent language trainer at the Hong Kong University. The exposure to and the interpersonal relationship with Chinese required the ultimate understanding of the deeply rooted traditional values and beliefs of the Chinese culture.

For the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and Education, she worked as a consultant to manage social projects for this vast, complex and socially challenged country. During that time she learnt the meaning of intercultural competence, teamwork and communication skills.

Other responsibilities:

  • Speaker for the Swiss Organization (Vivamos Mehlhor) in Brazil, responsible for fundraising and public relations
  • Director and principle of a private school in Nova Friburgo, Brazil
  • Private translator and interpreter for German and English business meetings