Living and Working in China

This year the Asian market is very attractive, especially China is the focus of many organizations. Since China joined the WTO, many organizations have invested in Chinese Joint Ventures and privately owned companies. This offers a tremendous opportunity and potential for German companies.

There a lot's of success stories, but increasingly more losses and frustrations. A number of companies have lost their investment and technical know-how, or the potential business stalled or failed already during the initial stage.


While the Chinese managers have adapted to the conventional and international business style, they will always hold onto some of their cultural values and beliefs. The Chinese culture was shaped over 5,000 years through the historical and political background and the structure of business and social life.

As the German executives often cannot handle the Chinese business culture, problems are predicted.

There is professional help

Now it is possible to prepare yourself for the business trip and meetings with your Chinese partner. We offer intercultural training on Chinese business culture, strategies and etiquette.

Trough the training sessions you become aware of the thinking and behavioural patterns of your Chinese partners, and you will learn to better understand and handle the business strategies.

We will not only offer theory, but 20 years of practical business experience, and the most current up-to-date knowledge and know-how of Chinese business culture.

Learn and profit from our experience and lead your business in China to success.

Your China Expert Team

Ines Hofmann and Andrea Thürmer Leung

Andrea Thürmer Leung

Doctorate student in Chinese business culture

Trainer-profile of Andrea Thürmer Leung